About Me

LalalaGirl - Diana Paterek (born January 30, 1995 in Poland) - Polish music producer.

LalalaGirl is music producer, mashup producer & video editor. She plays the cello, piano, guitar and she also like singing. Pop and house was her inspiration since she can remember. The first instrument that she was learning to play was piano. Then she started musical education in school of music. Those 10 years of playing cello and learning about music theory gave her a chance to compose first pieces of music.

Diana Paterek graduated in Sound Design from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (Poland). During the University Studies she learned about mixing, music production and about how important the determination is. Currently she studies Acoustics.

In 2015 LalalaGirl made first music & video Mashup and started the Youtube channel. It gave her expierience in video editing. Then she got interested in making lyrics video and simple animations.

Recently LalalaGirl started another projects, which is making remixes and music production. Her remixes draws from the genres of house and pop.

LalalaGirl's tracks awarded in competition on 2track:

Daria Zawialow - Nie Dobije Sie Do Ciebie (LalalaGirl Rework) is on Album which contains 3 winning reworks from contest. The Album was officially released in 2019 by Sony Music Entertainment label. Remix is now available on YouTube and music streaming services: Spotify, iTunes Store, Apple Music, Tidal, plus music, Google Play, DEEZER.